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Showers and Toilets

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No showers or toilets in camp

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding bathrooms and showers etc, so I will give some suggestions here. 


First off, there is no running water, there are no public showers and there is sink etc. We may do community water this year, but that is a limited resource so everyone needs to figure out ways of bathing and washing dishes etc that does not produce a lot of water. Furthermore, the water disposal can be a real problem and you are not allowed to dump any grey water on the Playa, so waste water also needs to be considered. Here are few tips:


1: Toilets: There is usually a bank of port-o-potties within a block of camp. Every Avenue has two banks of port-o-potties, typically between C & D and another I & J or something like that. The Avenues are the radial roads that all point at the Man and are indicated by their time. We are typically on or near 4:30, but we may be at 7:30 this year. The Streets are the circular roads that radiate out starting with A. The Espanada is really the first street, than A, B,... all the way to L or so. Our camp is typically on E on or near 4:30.  Here is a map.


2: Night time: Most people use wide mouthed 1 gallon jugs as a pee bottles. There is no shame in it. Everyone does it. Woman use a pee-funnel. In past years there has even been a pee-funnel camp, but they said they are done.. so make sure to bring your own! The main thing to keep in mind is that you are 100% responsible for your own pee bottle. You are not allowed to dump grey water in the port-o-potties, but you ARE allowed to empty your pee bottle into them.  DO NOT LEAVE THE BOTTLE IN THE PORT-O-POTTIE OR IN CAMP. At the end of the event, crush it and take it home. Pro-tip: after emptying it, put some listerine in the bottle so to disinfect it and keep it from smelling. 


3: Bathing: There are some theme camps that offer public showers, but we do not have any public showers in camp. We may or may not set up a place to use for bathing, but everyone needs to remove their own water and put it in the evap system when they are done. You are not allowed to dump that water on the Playa or in a Port-o-pottie. Also, if the Evap is full, then you need to pack the water out yourself. We will deal with what we can, but the 10 principles still apply and in the end, self reliance kicks in if the community systems fail. The key is if you do not use a lot of water, then you don't have a lot of waste. Some people use baby wipes and if you do, keep in mind that they are NOT allowed to go into the port-o-potties or in our community trash. No one wants to sort through your dirty baby wipes and we will need to sort the trash, so please keep them in your own trash and haul them out yourself! I prefer using a garden sprayer and the Oil-of-Olay soappy face cloths. Just a few go a long way and you can take a great bath with just a few cups of water. Pro tip: get a longer hose and shorten the spray tip arm at home and make sure it works before taking it to the Playa. 



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