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2018 Attendance list

Page history last edited by Jenny Morataya 2 years, 1 month ago


Please add you details. and save... add extra rows when needed. Arrive as early as you can. To add yourself to the build crew, scroll down. I highly recommend the Saturday Burner Express...no EA required!


HH Campers

Names  Arrival date  Need tickets  Primary Email address  Tent/RV + dimensions NOTES
Dutchy  8/20/2018   
hh@thehammockhangout.com  house  
Guido & Thierry 8/20/2018  we have tickets
Built/Tent + shade  2 virgin's looking for a ride back to Reno on monday, sept. 3rd (We fly back to Dutchyland sept. 4th)
Bill (Capabil), Jennifer (Perfect), Taggert +1 8/23/2018  



3 x tents   
BettyBurns  8.25 ? tbd   have
bybettypromotions@gmail.com  Tent & Shade  fucking stoked ❤ 
Isabel & Joe 8/25  



10x10 tent + shade  
Rob & Jemma 8/23   
rr@robertrogers.info  something with wheels and shade  he he 
Ryker Flint, April Luke, Dani Wurmbrand 8/23  We have tickets 



40' bus April and I will be there 8/23
Lina & Sam  8/22ish   
linabell@mail.com  tent  
Yagey & bunny 8/22 we have tickets   
 Camper Dusty balls FTW 
 Daniel (Dr. Electric) & Danielle (Dandelion) 8/23  we have tickets!



tent & shade 



Rayna (Purple Rayn)     reroumie@gmail.com tent & shade?  
Alan (Dyb)
No Bake Tent
Marji Medina 8/20  Needs 1 ticket Marjoriemedina3@yahoo.com  PIckup Truck and shade structure.  Park next to Ryker 
Ricky Otterstrom, Nico Adams, Jessica Reid, Freddy Mendez, Victoria Craven, Meredith Siler 8/23  Need 1 icket ricky@rykerflint.com, 





24' RV  Park next to Ryker 
Sara (Torch)  8/22ish Have  sara.luchian@gmail.com  ShiftPod   
Dan & Leah 8/26 Have  dan@dofter.com  12x20 tent + shade   
Portland & Sean



15' Rental Truck

10' x 10' tent

Anika  8/22 or 23  Have, Need 1 anika.saigal@gmail.com  tent & shade   
 Aaron Epperson & Maryssa   8/21  Need 1



Rob Monkey & Monkey child (Anya) as early as 8/20 Need 1  rob.kunkle@gmail.com  Vanna and Tent 10x10 (so 20x20 total) Happy to help build the camp, just not sure if I will find a ticket.  
 Susan & Eric & Kyle 8/26 (could be earlier if needed)  Have 




2 tents Can’t wait! 
Gili & Shelly & Yael  8/25/26  Need 1




Derek Razo & Mikey Williams & Dominic Tarr, Tony Lai 8/27   derekrazo@gmail.com  4 tents   
Kris & Audrey  8/26  Have!



1 RV  (25'} excited to be back! 
Laura Gorman (Whiskers)  8/25    laura.gorman@gmail.com  tent?  burner express 

Venetia Pristavec + 1  

8/26    v.pristavec@gmail.com  RV 

so excited :)  

Brandon Quittem & Anne Rapp 8/26 Need 1 Brandon.Quittem@gmail.com
Tent A couple of virgins ;)
Soulmate  8/20 have  andyster@gmail.com  tent or hut or something   
BoysTown 1 (Jenny and Nelson) 8/20    
1 tent  

BoysTown 2 (Martin, V, Ian Dr. Icon, Mikaiah, & Calvin)  

8/26 ish   mspanjers@gmail.com 3 tents plus shade  
Rob Fox 8/26 Have robertdotfox@gmail.com Truck Stoked first timer!
John Janik and Anna Pesta 8/27 Have john.janik@gmail.com Trailer/1 Tent  
Emily & Luke  8/26 Have Emilydenyse.alger@gmail.com Tent and Suv We're coming from Seattle and are more than happy to pick someone up along the way :)
Amanda (cuteless) & Will Perman 8/27 have aeppn6@gmail.com shiftpod   
Kristen Rojowski 8/27 have kristenrojowski@yahoo.com tent I am arriving to the area 8/24 but can't get in until 8/27 because my ticket is a Burner Express ticket for Monday 8/27 10am. First Burn, coming along from IN....pumped!!!!!
Bryan McMullin 8/23 1 Veh. Pass bryanmcmullin@mac.com Pickup Truck and shade structure Next to Marji 
Vee Borg & Peppi Gauci 8/26  Have 



SUV + 2 x 3 person tents tents in shaded area please 
Alfred Berumen (Chicle) arrive 8/27 / Need to be at work in L.A on Tuesday  :( O.K. on ticket chiclecat@yahoo.com SUV (Element) + 10x10Tent &10x10 Shade Structure [Total 10 x 20 space plus room for solar panels My first time joining a camp.  Have attended since 1997
Alan Sands (SandMan), Lisa Kunschick (Misty Knight), Joan Sands   08/28  Have 3 tickets  Alansands@gmail.com, lisa@alansands.com  19’ RV  Round 4 for me, bringing two virgin sacrifices
Eric Masters (Spotter) & Liane 8/18    magic@comedymagic.com  Musk Hut™  Camping at the Black Hole to start, moving to HH on the 29th 
Julianne Wurm (cupcake)  8/24  NEED TIX  wurm.julianne@gmail.com  tent   
Monika Pietaryte  8/26  have  pietarytei@gmail.com  tent  I'm a virgin, still looking for a rideshare from SF on the 24th-25th. Let me know if you're going my way
Moses Grubb
small tent
Has a ride, no car
Jewels Good, Vincent Oliver, Frank Kuenster, Nora Lemhadden  8/27  have 





2 medium size tents  have 1 minivan with pass, arriving at night sunday to monday.
Simon Anderson (Thunda) and Ricci Rukavina  8/29 or 8/30  Need 2 tix as of 8/26 simonkanderson@gmail.com   F-150 truck, covered trailer and 1 small tent  Missed last year (Simon/Thunda), and stoked to be heading to the Playa this year. Donated $600 on 8/26 for the two of us :)



Yelena, Julia, Julia


TBD.             Have
yrachitsky@gmail.com.  3 Tents (possibly RV), 2 cars coming back to my BM roots at HH <3 Trying to get a WAP if avail (1 or 2) to come early. 
 Leah & Addison
Have 2 tix  
2 tents + shade
 excited to camp with you all! 




Dutchy  8/20/2018   
hh@thehammockhangout.com  house  
Guido & Thierry 8/20/2018  we have tickets
  2 virgin's looking for a ride back to Reno on monday, sept. 3rd (We fly back to Dutchyland 

HH Build Crew

We probably will get 25 EA passes. The priority will be on who can get there the earliest. To get an EA you must arrive on Thursday or before and be ready to work. 

One person per line


num  name  email  phone arrive on  have ticket  house type  Notes

Dutchy  hh@thehammockhangout.com  1-415-756-5001 Monday, 8/20  yes  house  I will probably arrive on Sat., but officially on Monday. I will be in Reno from the 15th on.
  Wed 8/22 night yes  camper   
  Wed 8/22 night yes  camper   
Lina  linabell@mail.com    310-882-8383

Wed 8/22

 yes   tent  We'll try to get there by the 21st
Rob  rr@robertrogers.info  852 92833757  Thursday 8/23  yes  undetermined  we will try to get there 22 night.. just depends on how easy our shopping goes 
Jemma  jemmazoerogers@gmail.com  852 92833757  Thursday 8/23  yes  tent  capable and willing to help 
Sara  sara.luchian@gmail.com   
Weds 8/22  Yes  ShiftPod  A ride from LA would be much appreciated! 
Ryker  ryker@me.com  310-966-7446  Thurs 8/23 Yes  40' bus   
April  aprilluke@gmail.com  916-661-2774  Thurs 8/23 Yes  w/Ryker   
10  Marji 


831-325-1033‬  Mon 8/20  Yes   Pickup and a lot of tools 
11  Jessica 


  Wed 8/22       
12  Guido 


+31628537992  Mon 8/20  yes  tent  Driving up with Dutchy 
13  Thierry  thierry.crolla@gmail.com  +31634368083  Mon 8/20  yes  tent  Driving up with Dutchy 
14  Portland


Mon 8/20

Loaded with Food for build week
15  Sean
Mon 8/20
16  Anika  anika.saigal@gmail.com  415.534.5202  Wed 8/22  yes  tent   
17  Aaron  aaronepperson68@gmail.com  ‭(208) 969-1725‬  8/21  Yes  Tent  Ryker’s nephew. 6’10” legit giant!
18 Maryssa   maryssa.gonzales1997@gmail.com   208-969-1725  8/21  No  Tent  W/Aaron
19  Rob & Anya (1 EA pass) rob.kunkle@gmail.com  415-578-5000  as early as 8/20  No  Tent & Van   
20  Sam samkashikar@gmail.com 310-882-8383 Wed 8/22 yes w/Lina  
21  Jenny   
  Monday, 8/20  Yes  Tent   
22  Nelson   
  Monday, 8/20  Yes  Tent   
23  Marjorie Nelson      Mon 8/20       
24  Danielle  danielle.d.diamond@gmail.com  484-620-3930  Thurs 8/23  Yes  Tent  we will try to get there 22 night 
25 Daniel  daniel.liebeskind@gmail.com  216-408-2902  Thurs 8/23  Yes  Tent  we will try to get there 22 night 
26 soupmate  andyster@gmail.com  4084900694  mon 8/20  yes  tent/something   
Capabil  bill@cmptrdog.com  803-422-3211  Thurs 8/23  yes  tent  hope you can use us 
Perfect  jennifercanfly@gmail.com  415-652-7264  Thurs 8/23  yes  tent  ^^^! 
Bryan McMullin  bryanmcmullin@mac.com  530-417-2443  Thurs 8/23  Need 1 Veh. Pass  Shade Structure   




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