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Container Content

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What WE HAVE in the Container (August 2015)



What WE HAVE in the Container (JULY 2013)

(Logs, futons, & hammock fabric are at the back of the container, while the bar, supply bins, and rugs are closer to the door.)

23 small logs (down from 40, originally)


    -big hemp rope (12)

    -big white rope- guy lines (6)

    -long cables- guy lines (6)

    -2 boxes of random sized rope



    -hammock fabric

    -hanging ropes

    -bolts of unused fabric (some, of unknown condition)


Trellis- 3 piece

Solar lights (30ish)

Folding tables; 3 big, 2 small

Many extension cords

2 rope lights- could use more

Riot Helmets (6ish)

Straw Hats (6ish)

Tools- some hand, circular saw

Round cafe tables (3)

Electric and manual mattress pumps (1 of each)

Slinky's (2)

Goggles (3)

Ringpops (1 box)

Sparklers (1 box)

Shart funnel (1)

Betty Burns' "flower" stems & lights

Electric shower pump

Industrial shower-able super-sprayers (3)

Jumper cables

Buckets (3)

Lanterns (3 propane, 3 lamp oil)


     -Cups: mugs (6), plastic cups (8), disposable (20), goblets (2)

     -Shot glasses (3)

     -Pots (2)

     -Frying pan (1)

     -Stoves (2)

     -Silverware (metal, 2 full sets)

     -Chopping knives (3)

     -Ceramic dishware (4-6)

     -Large salad bowls (2)

     -Plastic utensils

     -Paper plates (15)

     -Snack trays (6-8)

     -Hand-crank blender

     -Spray bottles (7)

     -Baby wipes (2)

     -Coolers (1 med-for drinks, 1 small-for ice)

     -Three Trash cans (they have extension cords etc. in them, but we should use them during the event.)



old list:

Stuff in Container 42


 (waiting for us in the Black Rock Desert):

-2 shade structures/carport tents


-bike rack

-bikes:  3 (jg2, kp2, paul)

-carpets, rubber mats

-1 bar (the kind where they serve you booze and pick up chicks)

-solar "starship enterprise" lanterns (4+)

-army cot

-briefcase w/ spray adhesive & spraypaint

-hats (5+)

-riot helmets (3+)

-snacktrays (3+)

-chairs (5+)

-futons (4+)

-tarps (3+)


-1 hammock

-3 big tables (6x4')

-1 sm. round table (2' diameter)

-2 round cafe tables (1' diameter)

-miles of rope

-rebar (a shitload)

-metal & pvc pipe (a shitload)

-auger stakes

-battery powered lights

-massively big coolers (LA)

-small generator (LA)

-grey water evaporation plastic pond (shower) (LA)

-gray water evaporation bin (kitchen) (SF)

-propane fuel for lanterns (6 cans) (SF)

-parachute line (thin rope) (SF)

-bleach (LA)

-spray bottles (for cleaning) (LA)

-work gloves (LA)


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