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Hammock Hangout 2016



This page is totally a work in progress! Feel free to help out, chime in on the mailing list, etc.


Need wiki access? Mail hh@thehammockhangout.com


What mailing list? Go join at the SPACECATS Google Group or mail hh@thehammockhangout.com


Find Us

In 2016, Hammock Hangout will be at 4:30 and Effigare



Your generosity brings shade, hammocks, drinks and karaoke to the playa!

DONATE HERE: http://thehammockhangout.com/#donate

If you can afford it, please donate $100 suggested donation per camper. Feel free to give more if you can!  This money funds the container, construction supplies, shared camp assets, bar ice and stuff like that.


Vital Links



2016 Attendance (Make sure you are on the list!)

2016 Preparation

What to Bring (Besides what is in the Survival Guide, here are some things you can bring for the camp.)


2016 Budget  (See what we need/want for the camp and make suggestions.)

2016 Layout 

Time Line (What to do when.)


Camp Size and Layout

For 2016, Dutchy registered Hammock Hangout as a mapped Theme Camp, with 300' requested on both sides of the street.

The parachute tent Hangout uses about half of the space. The rest should be roughly organized for easy management of any camp-communal spaces (kitchen? shower? private chill-dome?).

Check out 2014 Layout for more details.


HH 2016 Camp Layout

Camp Projects and Roles

Just a little organization structure can go a long way. Especially for projects that affect the whole camp. Here's a list of camp projects, some critical and some optional, with names of the hardy souls who have volunteered to lead the projects.


If you want to add new projects, or sign up to help or lead existing projects, great! Just add yourself to the list. And if you know where you want to help out, add that, too. Projects that don't have excited participants may not happen at all, so don't be shy! This list will give us a slightly better sense of what to expect.


Project  Summary  Tsars/Czars  Volunteers 
Census and Placement  Who's coming? How many? Right amount of space? Work with BM Placement team and Container folks.  Dutchy
Camp Layout New location means new layout! Dutchy   
EA Passes Identify the volunteers who want to come early to build Hammock Hangout. Get them EA passes. Dutchy   
Hardware Prep Getting additional construction hardware pre-playa    
Budget and $$ Work with all the other projects to figure out what's needed for the camp, collect and distribute $, dues and donations Ethan
Electric Grid  Generator, generator housing/baffle, generator security, 120V AC grid  Mike-Gyver   
EA Food So wise to have someone focused on meals and snacks early on while others unpack and build and shit. PORTLAND!!   
Kitchen  Setup, organization, signage and RECRUITING!  Then it's up to you lot to behave :)    
Morning Coffee Delicious hand made morning coffee in the HH kitchen, seemed to be a hit last year.   Mike-Gyver and Danny Danger


Grey Water       
Trash  Policy and Signage on where trash goes. Reminding/deputizing folks to take out LOTS of trash when they leave.  Venetia   


Bike Racks       
Ice  Recruit volunteers for timely ice runs, manage ice fund   Venetia

Adrienne (bringing a tricycle with large carrying basket)




Past Years





Once you are settled inside your new tank, you are able to decide to remain inside your Bow Front Aquarium or jump out in to the ocean, exactly where you are able to play games, chat with other fish within the sea, discover reefs and shipwrecks, and discover about marine life.To assistance the preservation of marine environments, RUSS will 'seas the day' by creating donations to nearby aquariums to assist raise awareness concerning the significance of oceanic conservation.

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