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Hammock Hanging Party

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Hammock Hanging Party

High Noon Tuesday at the Hammock Hangout

4:30 and Corvair


Do you have 3 yards of fabric to spare? That is all it takes to make a great hammock!

Come, let us teach you how to make your own hammock and hang it. No sewing required!

Come escape the sun and heat, have a cold beverage and swing in a hammock, while you help us by hanging your hammock. You provide the hammocks, we provide shade, poles to hang the hammocks from, booze and fun! It will be a great start to the days party and you will know where to go when it gets hot!


The Hammock Hangout is a giant 12,000 square foot passive solar shade structure with room for 90! hammocks. We are building the structure, but unfortunately lost almost all of our hammocks last year due to a tragic kiddy pool incident. There was a little water left in the kiddy pool before sealing the container. All but a few of the hammocks were destroyed by mold. No fret, Hammocks are super easy to make and we have booze. Learn how to make a hammock at http://hammockhangout.pbwiki.com/Making-Hammocks and come get drunk with us early on a Tuesday in the cool shade, while swinging in a hammock.


The hammock Hangout is easy to find. It is near 4:30 and Corvair. Look for the GIANT 42' high parachute tent (green this year) with an 8' tall bird cage of top.

See the Hammock Hangout at: http://thehammockhangout.com/ for more pics.



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