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Important script

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Script for when being stopped by an officer:


Officer, my name is [give your real name].

Am I free to go?

If I am not free to go, please explain to me your probable cause for stopping me.

I politely refuse to give you any further information.

I do not consent to any search of me or my belongings, tent, vehicle or camp.


Script for when anyone you don't know asks you for drugs:




And watch both videos on this page:





from the Jack Rabbit Speaks


Every year the NHP helps hundreds of Burners who get stranded or otherwise experience problems on the road to and from the event. At a recent meeting they let us know some super helpful tips to avoid the most common problems that Burners experience while on the road:

...The NHP reports that bald tires are a significant factor in accidents and break downs so be sure to check your tires before you leave for the event and replace those old tires if you need to.

Too tired to drive...
...The NHP reports that of the accidents that relate to Burning Man traffic, the number one reported cause of these accidents was FATIGUE. Be sure to be well rested and sober (duh), with a copilot to help to keep you company while you drive. Behind the wheel is no place for a playa hangover.

Driving on empty..
Coming to Black Rock City on Interstate 80? Get fuel in Reno, Wadsworth, Nixon, or Fernley. Coming from the Pacific Northwest? Gas up in Cedarville. Otherwise you risk being backed up with traffic for miles waiting for gas in Gerlach or Empire, and simply running out of gas. Empire and Gerlach CANNOT handle the kind of traffic created by fueling lines, which causes traffic hazards. And it will only be worse on the way OUT of Burning Man. Gas up fully at the recommended filling cities beforehand. And this goes for fuel for RV generators as well. One more thing--figure out what kind of fuel your generator uses BEFOREHAND. Most generators do NOT run on gasoline.

No camping ...
Camping is prohibited in Gerlach. Please respect the local citizens.

Going for broke...
...If your vehicle breaks down please carefully pull off the road to allow traffic to continue past you safely. NHP may push your vehicle off the road if needed but if you can safely coast or push your vehicle onto a gravel shoulder, please do so.

Soft shoulders...
...State Route 447 and the other rural highways have *very* soft shoulders and the chance of getting stuck is much higher than you expect, especially in the soft sands around Pyramid lake. Only pull over if you absolutely have to, and if at all possible only on fully developed gravel shoulders. It's also easy to roll a vehicle if you hit these soft shoulders at high speeds. Be CAREFUL.

Secure your load!...
...Be sure loads on your roof rack or trailers are ABSOLUTELY secured to your vehicle. **This especially applies at the end of the event on the way home** when you may be tired and less careful about how you pack and secure your belongings and trash. Taking a couple of extra minutes to fully secure your load for the sail home is a lot easier and safer for you and for other travelers. Finally, Leaving No Trace both on AND off the playa is absolutely critical to the event's future. So, make triple sure EVERYTHING is secure! Locations to take that trash and recycling is on the way, see below on Exodus Trash and Recycling (EXTRA) locations...

Hurry up and wait...
...the wait for tow trucks can be very long (think hours and hours). Sitting on the side of the road is a major bummer so please be careful.


Comments (1)

Nick Eve said

at 4:36 pm on Aug 25, 2009

You have a higher expectation of privacy in your tent than in your car, so you should not consent to a search of your tent without a warrant. Keep in mind the plain view rule, which means if they can see something, they can act on it, as well as that it is somewhat debatable whether the smell of illegal substances creates sufficient cause to search without a warrant. Also, as a good citizen it is always good to research the laws. http://norml.org/index.cfm?wtm_view=&Group_ID=4550 has some interesting information. Paraphenalia punishments in many jurisdictions are harsher than possession ones. Of course, we are all law abiding folks so it doesn't matter. Just saying.

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