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I will have my laptop with about 30,000 songs, 3 mics, two Mackie 350v2 speakers. We will be pretty covered for sound in camp. 


Things that would be cool to have:

  • extra monitors/tv/projector (I have two, but can have more...)


You can find a partial list, missing latest 20,000 songs, of songs at:


username: beyond     

password: biglist

Or you can download a more complete PDF version of the karaoke books:



And we will have costumes! (I won't bring them all...but will bring plenty):



Comments (4)

hammockhangout said

at 10:19 am on Aug 4, 2008

just scored a small generator, so we be rocking loud. i'll bring my vox amp for backup & have a small set of speakers that get pretty loud.

Natalie Wilde the Love Child said

at 2:32 pm on Aug 4, 2008


Juan Rapido said

at 2:29 pm on Aug 3, 2009

Hey Paul,

Would love to help set up the Karaoke lounge. I have many qualifications:
- Have my own modest karaoke setup and have KJ'ed often
- Enjoy stringing x-mas lights
- Am a very good helper, and can work without supervision
- Have a generally cheery outlook, even when intoxicated

Lemme know if you are looking for something else I can bring up with Milton (Tiny Tea Party) or if you just want to put me to work.

--jon aka juan rapido

riderpaul said

at 12:43 pm on Aug 4, 2009

Excellent. I have the karaoke pretty much covered. We could use more viewing options. I have an 8-way VGA splitter and multiple 4-way video splitters...

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