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People in Camp

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This page is replaced by the attendance page for the year in question.

For 2013 attendance use:  2013 Attendance 


Hammock Hangout Campmates


PEOPLE IN CAMP (and their arrival date)

Dutchy (Paul de Jong)

Sean Strouss


Jonathan and KP2


Betty Burns

Eric Masters

Alyssa, Nicole, Joo Young, Megan Novak

Andy Smith

Alan Dybner 

Aaron Sosnick


Seán Crotty

Greg Snyder

Lorelei Lamberson 

Lindsay Eyink

R Perry

Dan Dofter

Sunshine and Whisper

Sarah Szalavitz & Sonar

yage yagey

Indy Feige


Dr William Ching

Ethan & Jill

Marcus Crim


Alyson Packard

Lenny Rachitsky

Venetia Pristavec

Daniel Pristavec

Carol Lai
Kyle Johnson

Shanza Baig

Dan Glazer
Justin Hauge

Sri Gogineni

Robin Johnson

Rich Jones + gf 

Timoni West + Emmett Dzieza: Monday

Graham Hill + Lindsey Mayer-Beug: Monday

Martin Spanjers: August 19th

Nelson Gauthier: August 26th

Jenny: August 26th

Ally Gasparian: August 26th

Nic Wright: August 26th

Gen Genest: August 26th

Alex Ferko: August 26th

Theo: August 26th

Hoeg: August 26th




Robinson: August 19th

Lou Pucci


Jean Marc Barr: August 19th




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