What to Bring



Just a reminder that we run a karaoke bar and are gracious hosts to many people throughout the week.  This is the "theme" to our "theme camp."










          If you have AA rechargeables, bring them. They don't need to be perfect, so if you think it is time to buy new ones for your keyboard 
          bring the old ones with you... they are probably good enough for a solar lamp.



We decided that the high-classitude of showing off our top-shelf shit in the real bottles is worth the trouble of packing them out. So the new guideline: bring good liquor in glass bottles, and when you leave take some bottles home with you. When you get home, buy some Vodka of the Gods, pour it into your nice playa-dusted Ketel One bottle. Place the bottle on your mantle and wait until you forget that it's really full of the cheap stuff, then serve it to guests at a party.


Cans are still better for beer, unless you're buying Delirium Tremens, which only comes in a bottle. In that situation, get the big bottles and share some with me.



There are a few specialized skills that can make building and maintaining the camp sooooooo much easier, the more people who know them.


Bowline: A secure loop that’s easy to tie and easier to untie. 


- Tie paracord to the parachute

- Anchor the first end of any long rope you want to get tight. For example, the big ass hemp rope that goes around the poles will get tied in a bowline to a chain connected to an auger stake.

- Dutchy sez: The bowline you just need to know as a life skill. They should teach it to everyone who attends K-12.


Trucker’s Hitch: Great for attaching the second end of a long rope. Has a built-in pulley mechanism for getting the tension out. 

http://www.netknots.com/rope_knots/truckers-hitch/ (is the variant that Dutchy teaches, I think)

- Used for long end of hemp rope

- Also cool for tent guy lines.

- Dutchy sez: The advantage of the trucker's hitch is that it gives you twice the leverage since it doubles back and acts like a pulley system. The problems with the trucker's hitch on the paracord is that it can create friction burns in the pulley loop and the half hitch that holds it in place can come loose when the wind blows and the tension is constantly changing.




Supplies/Items We Need:

See 2014 Budget for a more up to date and specific list.


If you can help us with supplies, that would be awesome. The list below breaks out what's needed and where it can be obtained. Please put your name next to an item you're gonna bring, so we know it's coming.


Don't want to be responsible for a particular item from the list below? AND/OR want to help out the process with a little more cash? THANK YOU!! Here's the link for donating:http://thehammockhangout.com/#donate.



Stuff to Not Bring: