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No drama in camp is our one main rule. Just have fun! Everyone is at Burning Man for fun and there are too many camps that have a bad experience because people bring ??? problem to the Playa. Please respect your camp and if you are having drama keep it private and keep it out of the camp. We do reserve the right to ask you to camp elsewhere if you bring the wrong kind of drama into camp.




a) Please ensure that your schedule allows for a complete Sunday break-down- especially if you arrive late in the week. We're talking a full day of labor, not just handing people cookies while they work.


b) Actually, even better to plan for Monday, too! The camp can break down in about a day, but needs another day to get staged and loaded in the container. You don't really want to leave on Monday, anyway. The Exodus takes forever; even the BM org is suggesting people stay until Tuesday for the first time ever. And Monday night is a really special, mellow, fun vibe.


c) If you absolutely must leave early for work, etc, it's all good, just take as many monster loads of garbage as we can lash to your vehicle. Talk to one of the camp leaders personally before you leave. This prevents you from ending up on our "shitlist"  which exists.  Leave early? TAKE GARBAGE! LOTS OF IT.


NOTE: You can dump garbage in Nixon for $5 a bag. WORTH IT!!


d) Add your arrival & departure date to the wiki so we can start to plan our load-out strategy accordingly.  We're going to have religious amounts of fun.


Memorize the Script!

Important script



EVERY "CAMP within HAMMOCK HANGOUT/SPACECATS" is responsible for their own personal trash management & shower/kitchen set-up, and Grey Water elimination/evaporation situation. 




  • If you use the common kitchen, please treat it with respect. Clean up pans, knives, workspace counters, etc. Re-stack shit that gets unstacked. Check dishwashing setup, add water and/or drain as appropriate. Put things away, wash a few glasses... by glasses we mean plastic or metal, not glass-glass :). It makes a huge difference when everyone contributes.


  • Making a snack tray? Clean up after yourself. Your mom is not here, and no one appreciates going in to warm up some water and finding day-old greasy meat snack trays.


  • Whatever you cook, clean up the pans immediately after cooking. It's not cool to leave your pans for "later" when others might have a need to cook. Also, "later" never seems to come, stoner.


  • Handing the pan with that last bit of macaroni and cheese to someone with the invite to "finish this!" is not carte blanche to expect that person to wash your pan.


  • Ten people just got together and cooked for a bunch of people, including you? Pitch in by cleaning up work surfaces or dishes after. Everyone appreciates the help.


  • If you have food you don't want eaten, label it clearly or keep it in your tent. Otherwise, most food in the common kitchen area is considered fair game for snack trays.


  • No Styrofoam coolers! No Styrofoam anything! Pro tip: rent a cooler instead of buying one. They're bigger and you don't have to store them all year. 



The whole area under the parachute is reserved for public space. There will be no cars or tents under the parachute. BUT... the parachute casts a long shadow. If you camp in your car, just park it outside the structure on the side that has shade in the morning or afternoon, as is your preference. Easy!


Car parking is along the back and sides of the camp. Stack the cars in tight so we can fit more humans into the camp so it will be the best camp ever. There will probably be more rows of cars than is shown on the map above, so pack it in there. If you're leaving early, park close to the street. If you're staying late, park a couple rows in so you won't have to move for other people.


RV parking is along the edges. Stacking them in tight, nose to tail, is the most efficient method. If our neighbors are great we might want to open things up a little, but we can decide when we see our final plot.


Please contribute to the camp if you can


See budget: 2014 Budget


Donate: http://thehammockhangout.com/#donate 


OK, I'll say it one time...


Add your name(s) to the camp attendance list: 2015 Attendance


There are no regular chores in our camp, but we do ask people to be responsible for themselves and that the person cooking is ultimately responsible for the cleanup even if they are cooking for others. It is OK to ask someone else to clean up, but you need to verify that it actually happened and do it yourself if it hasn't. No complaining about it. Burning Man is all about fun and complaining is not fun for anyone, especially you! Do it and if there is a real problem we will ask said party(ies) to camp elsewhere. I hate when that happens but we do reserve the right to ask anyone in camp to move on if they are disrupting our one rule. We love you, but we do have one rule.


If you see a mess and gather up some folks and get it done. I really don't want there to be meetings and the frustration that comes with it. If someone is a notorious mess leaver we will not invite them back next year and that is that. 


During the event if you see something that needs to be done, gather up the folks you need to do it and get it done. I (Dutchy aka Paul) am off duty (mostly) once the event begins so please don't bring a bunch of problems to me. There are a lot of smart people in our camp and you are more than likely one of them. You want karaoke?...do it!


I highly recommend that everyone bring earplugs and put them in before you go to sleep. Being rude is not nice so don't crank the volume extra loud at 4am, but I'm not going to tell someone they can't have fun just because it is 4am! Also, if it is not coming from our camp it will be coming from next door, so be smart and bring earplugs!


Mooping is also a continuous job. If you see moop (mater out of place) it is not OK to walk by it. Pick it up and deal with it.


We are a snack camp, so we encourage you to snack people. Bring things to snack people with. It's fun. If there are wrappers on the snack than make sure you also take back the wrapper.


Read and remember the NARC! script (Important script) on the camp wiki and to keep anything that could put the camp at risk hidden from view. Also, if you see anyone putting the camp at risk, please remind them. (This mostly pertains to pot...Yes, Nevada is a backwards state). 


Sunday is all hands on deck. Everyone in camp needs to help with the breakdown of the camp. We will start at 1pm. If you want to leave before breakdown make sure to haul out as much trash and gray water as you can.


I recommend the Crystal Geyser 1 gallon water bottles because they have a big resealable cap and can be used to haul out any extra water at the end of the event. At home you can pour it down the toilet and recycle the bottle.


Remember there is really only one rule in camp and that is that it is a drama free zone (acting excluded). 


There you have it. I think I said it all. I'm done. Carry on. Can someone make me a margarita...no salt and not too sweet please! 





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Kevin K said

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Flying in from East Coast and would love to rent a cooler. Any idea how I can do this?

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