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Time Line

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Pre event:



  • map out camp
  • figure out where to place container, flag off area
  • put in auger stakes
  • get holes dug, insert logs
  • do the rope dance to set up ropes
  • get the cables etc. out of the container
  • FIX and place the solar lamps and tie reflective ribbons on the cables
  • unload container and organize the stuff as it comes out
  • set up shade structures/carport tents (organize pieces & put them together)
  • set up kitchen
  • organize tool town (let's organize/get rid of stuff we don't use)
  • test power cables, replace/repair, lay out power grid
  • pull out parachute and tie it down. Need at least 6 cars to be there for that.



FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Camp beautification


  • hammock set-up:

         1) bang rebar into ground

         2) put up metal poles on top of rebar

         3) bang poles into ground so they stand up nice & strong inside hangout (hawt)

         4) hang hammocks


  • set up public loungey area inside parachute:

         1) pull out carpets & logs from container

         2) put logs, carpets, & futons inside hangout tent

         3) set up logs as benches inside parachute house     

         4) decorate inside of hammock hangout/karaoke bar/signage

         5) lay down small carpets & futons on ground

         6) find chairs and coffee/small drink tables in container

         7) set up inside lounge and lounge, yo


The Event:



Last day of event:

SUNDAY (September 2)


  • During day, we will pull logs (see how it's done, below) and prepare parachute structure to go into container
  • Start cleaning up and rolling carpets to put into container
  • Clean out container and prepare it for storage
  • Start packing bar, snack and give away remaining food




  • Pack container
  • MOOP MOOP MOOP (every last cigarette butt and whip-it container)



Clean. Take notes/label everything as it goes into container. Brainstorm for next year.


How to pull poles... best if you change the controls so it's viewed at 1 second intervals




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