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Please DONATE to the BM 2013 camp build ASAP: http://thehammockhangout.com/#donate


actual total $9,982.78 updated at:  
Donations: $7,142.71 7/29/2013 Copy from PayPal "Net donations"
$$ SHORT: $2,911.07 16:48:00 $$ short includes 2.5% PayPal fee


2013 Budget  (See what we need/want for the camp and make suggestions.)

2013 Attendance (Make sure you are on the list!)

What to Bring (Besides what is in the Survival Guide, here are some things you can bring for the camp.)

Time Line (What to do when.)



Is it your first time? The main thing for a newcomer to think about is costumes and a bicycle to get around on. Decorating your bike is also a fun thing to do. Think about night lighting...not necessarily a big headlight, you don't want to blind people, mostly so you are visible so others don't hit you. Be creative! You will want to explore. Fat tires are better than skinny ones. Also lock it up because otherwise it might move and it becomes very hard to find.





we will Sing, Snack, & SpaceCat your face off!!


Hi Everyone! We're getting SO EXCITED for Burning Man 2013! We just got confirmation of our placement at 4:30 & D. The gate officially open Sunday at 6pm.


If you are new to the wiki, request to become a member of the group by sending an email to riderpaul@gmail.com. Then, you can add yourself to the matrix below -- after logging in, simply click the "edit" tab above, next to "view."  We will be regularly updating this page with camp layout maps, packing list ideas, camp events, and awesomeness, the closer we get to the event.


Early Arrival passes go to those who can commit to coming EARLY and working. The closer you can commit to Monday 8/19 the more likely you will be to get a pass. Setting up and seeing the City grow is fun in and of itself, but getting their early means working. The party does not start until the Gates open. 


HammockHangout-SpaceCats 2013 layout



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The Hammock Hangout website: http://thehammockhangout.com

see past years photos and more. Also check out the sidebar for how to make a hammock, camp layout, 





Once you are settled inside your new tank, you are able to decide to remain inside your Bow Front Aquarium or jump out in to the ocean, exactly where you are able to play games, chat with other fish within the sea, discover reefs and shipwrecks, and discover about marine life.To assistance the preservation of marine environments, RUSS will 'seas the day' by creating donations to nearby aquariums to assist raise awareness concerning the significance of oceanic conservation.


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