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2014 Attendance

Page history last edited by Bourke MacDonald 9 years, 6 months ago


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Ticket Needs



Got TIcket?
(mark "YES" when resolved) 
Sarah Harrison (sourjayne at gmail)  YES 
Misa (nuccio.misa at gmail) Yes! 
Misa (ArcticMonkey at gmail) Has one ticket and is looking for a second one 
Shane and Erin Yes. Have two tickets AND a car pass.
Amanda (dizzyravine at gmail) YES
elsuperdavid (elsuperdavid at gmail) Looking for 2 tickets (or one)




Camp Attendance


Who  # in camp Housing  Vehicle Origin Arrival (add * for EA) Departure Notes 
Duke Dutchy 2 DutchyHouse Yaris SF Sun, 8/17* Tues, 9/2  
Ethan  Yurt  VW Golf + trailer SF Wednesday, 8/20* Mon, 9/1  
Lea + Jon, Alyssa, Kendra 3 16' Hexayurt Van UK, NY  Monday 25th  Sunday 8/30   
Wyatt  10' Soulpad   Motorcycle  SF Wednesday, 8/20*  Sunday 8/30    
Andy, Johanna, Alison & Ben (from the UK)
RV (bit shorter than last year; we'll build an Aluminet shade thing around it again)
RV  UK (Ben: SF) Monday 25th  4am on the 31st   
Jennifer Erickson, Chad Smith-White, Renaud Houyoux 9-Man Tent (Dutchy's temporary housing while building camp; we move in Friday) F150 and golf cart   Friday evening, 8/22* When they kick us out :)  LOVE 
Yagey  1  van  van   8/20* or 8/21* tbd   
BettyBurns  Medium Tent & front lawn Escape   24th or 25th  Monday 9.1  
Hannah and Theresa 2 Tent or Dutchy-style wood house Car Reno     From Reno
Hanna's Dad +1 2 RV RV   Event opening    

Faith Herron and Jeff Macias

2 Tent Car        
Andy (Soulmate)
1 1 Medium Tent Pickup SF Sunday, 8/17*  Monday, 9/1  Being a Better Hugger: Volume 4
Mike and Amanda 2 1 Medium Tent SUV SF Sunday, 8/24 Monday, 9/1 All Alanis All The Time
Rob (Monkey)  + Drisana + Potentially (Barbara and Robert)
4 Two Medium Tents  VW Golf or Vanna White or with Shane and Erin below. SF  Wed or thurs 8/20 or 8/21*
Monday 9/1 

+ Erin, Shane, Lia, Jack, below. May be able to arrive as early as Thursday. 


Erin and Shane  0 Airstream Trailer  Pickup and Airstream  Parts Unknown and SF  Wed or thurs 8/20 or 8/21* Monday 9/1  
Lia and Fam RV  RV  Hawaii  Sunday 8/24 Monday 9/1  

Jack BNimble 

0 n/a
n/a n/a n/a n/a Not camping with HH this year.
Lenny and Michelle 2 1 10'x10' tent Car   Wednesday Sunday Arriving mid-week, hoping to get a spot near  V/Daniel RV's to capture some of that shade. May arrive earlier if take the burner bus.
Dan Ariely, Autonomy, and Mimi 3 RV RV   Monday Sunday Friend of Lenny's, staying in our camp for the first time
Tom, Laura, Tridip, + 2  4 medium tents  Minivan and car 


Wednesday 8/27 Monday 9/1 ready to move garbage
Friends of Johanna, +2 = Michelle and Mark. Mark is arriving Monday 25th with Andy/Alison/Johanna/Ben


Christine Mason

Thor Ernstsson 


4 RV  RV  SF/NYC  Monday 8.25 9/1 or 9/2  Friends with Sarah S. 
SarahCookie79 (sarahlynnsheldon)+3 Gemma,Michael, Jenni
RV and SUV
we <3 hammocks and will bring! good times chill vibes:)
Danny & Spencer Large Tent  VW Passat    8/25  9/1 or 9/2  Bringing delicious coffee making setup & LOTS of coffee
Martian, my gf (Ally) , my parents, Emily 5 Tent - 13' diagonal for gf and me, 33 ft trailer for parents, small/med camping tent for emily 12 pass van and Toyota Tundra for towing trailer  Martian Ally & Emily, LA. Parents, Tucson  8/24  9/1  My parents first burn! My mom is vegan and makes incredible food. My dad is a certified camper. Boystown = two 13' (diagonal) tent, one small/med camping tent and a 33ft trailer
David Gluck & Nick Olivero  Some sort of vehicle TBD - borrow a van?  TBD    Wed 8/27  Sunday or Monday   
Tim Kay
Burner Express
Dark Room Theater guy, joining the camp for the first time.

Aaron Sosnick +


Silver Carport 
Only one EA needed. GF not coming until the 27th.
Lindsay & Kevin  0 Tent + 12' base geodesic dome (possible communal chill out zone for Dan Camp) VW Golf    *Saturday 8/23 (if possible) otherwise Sunday 10 am! Wednesday 8/27 bright and early We are moving to Berlin on Aug. 31st and really really want to make the Playa work. This is a mega TBD. Lots to do. We'd come early and leave early. Def want Space Cats hugs! 
Eric Masters  Custom utility trailer No Vehicle in camp    8/16 (does not need EA pass)  9/2 after 6pm   
 Alan Sands

1 Pick Up Truck 
 friend of Eric's. Helped Eric build his trailer
Janene aka Portland        8/20 needs EA*     
Sean Strauss       8/17 needs EA*    On the Dutchy train
Tamara, Alex, Alli, Parris, Jeff, Michelle 6 Geodome, two large tents, two small tents (two tents will likely be inside the dome; will update with square footage when I know) Minivan    Monday morning (hopefully)  Sunday or Monday  Friend of Andy's. Excited to camp with you folks for the first time - mix of back-agains and newbies
Daniel, Venetia, Carol,Justin, Emma, & team 10-16 2 RV's, shade area.   2 30ft RV    Hopefully Monday  Friday  Hoping to allocate some designated space near rear corner like last year, as our shared outdoor area is a tarp between vehicles, and we are unsure of arrival time 
Bourke and Roger
2 tents
A big truck    Tuesday evening/ night  Sunday Noonish  Thanks for the late add! I was at HH in 2011. My friend Roger and I donated online!
Nelson, Jenny  Tent (13' diagonal)  Arriving with Martian and co.    8/24  9/1  <4 
Sarah Harrison  1 small tent  none SF  8/20*  Thur, 8/28  Last minute decision to do this year! 
RPerry 1 Tent
9/1 or 9/2
Shanza 1 1 tent tbd   hopefully sunday 24th after temple burn?

still need to find rides there + back! 



Lia Watkins, Robert Watkins


2 RV 28ft RV L.A. 8/24 after temple burn We would like to camp next to (Erin, Shane, Jack, Rob and Drisana) -if possible
Tierney, Andria, Cassie RV  RV 25ft  PDX  8/25  After temple Burn   
Misa Nuccio 0
A few good friends decided to come this year, so I will be camping with them, but I will come visit!
Looking for a ride
8/26 or 8/27
Looking for a ride if anyone is coming to/from SF on the mentioned dates...?
Misa 1 Tent or house 
Flying into Reno riding with Dutchy Seattle 
Friends with Dutchy 
Dan Dofter 1 Tent (10' x 10') Car SF 8/24 8/31  
Milana Vayntrub (Speck)  1 Yurt Prius + Trailer LA 8/20 8/28  




Early Arrival List

  Who  When  Ticket

EA Date

1 Dutchy  8/17  YES YES
2 Hannah  8/17  YES  YES 
3    Theresa  8/17 


4 Sean Strauss  8/17  YES  YES 
5 Andy (Soulmate)  8/18  YES YES
6 Aaron Sosnick 8/19 YES  YES 
7 Portland 8/20 YES YES
8 Wyatt 8/20 YES  YES 
9 Ethan 8/20 YES  YES 
10 Milana 8/20 YES  YES
11 Yagey 8/21 YES YES 
12 Sister Flora 8/18 
13 Shane 8/20 - 8/21 YES  YES 
14 Drisana 8/20 - 8/21
15 Rob (Monkey)  8/20 - 8/21
16 Sarah Harrison 8/20 - 8/21 YES  YES 
17 RPerry 


18 Jennifer Erickson 8/22 Yep!  Yep! 
19    Chad 8/22 Yep!  Yep! 
20    Renaud 8/22 Yep!  Yep! 
21 Lindsay 8/23   :( 
22 Kevin 8/23   :( 



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Thomas said

at 10:01 am on Jul 13, 2014

Sorry for the confusion, 8/20 was a mistake. I WISH we could spend that much time on the playa :(

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