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2014 Budget

Page history last edited by riderpaul 9 years, 7 months ago
Totals:  $5,550.00 $915.13      
Item Estimate Actual Purchaser Date Notes
BM Container Fee $800.00        
Paracord $400.00 $254.95      
Misc parachute supplies $50.00 $47.70     knives, lighters/blowtorches
Sewing Machine Repair + Prep $200.00       For pimping out hammocks on site. Shadecloth sides for the hammock.
New Disco Ball $300.00 $612.48     30" Disco ball and spotslights
DPW Gifts $200.00       N20, Whiskey
Trash Insurance $1,000.00       In case we need to rent a last-minute truck from Reno get haul trash out (or cover someone else's costs)
Deck Screws and driver bits $200.00       Removable screws make life easier, are worth the investment.
Camp Ice $300.00       For the bar only, a 2x six-pack a day? (7 * $15, plus buffer)
Lumber $200.00       For building shit. Bike racks.
Screws and other fasteners $200.00       ditto
Generator tune up + supplies $150.00


    300 hour service + extra filters and oil etc. (pre-service & post service) Still need to pick up filters etc.
generator gas $300.00       60 * $5 (need to buy in Gerlach pre-event. Gas cans are in container)
pre-event costs $300.00       Spent on Pre-party parachute rental, rope, hammock material, paracord
Reno Truck rental $250.00       2 day pickup truck rental + mileage and gas cost from Reno Sunday 8/17 return Tuesday 8/19. $1750 if we need to truck from SF.
Hotel 8/16 $100.00       Early crew arrives in Reno Saturday 8/16 rents truck, buys supplies in Reno on Sunday then heads to Playa.
Hardware for tower support $100.00       3/8" cable clamps, Extra bolts for tower, bolts for top of poles, sockets for driver.
rope $200.00       For hanging hammocks and securing structure etc



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