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Hammock Hangout 2014

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Hammock Hangout 2014



We have 300' street to street near 4:45 on C! 

The exact location won't be known until 8/18 when we get placed by the placers.



Your generosity brings shade, hammocks, drinks and karaoke to the playa!

DONATE HERE: http://thehammockhangout.com/#donate

We're asking for $50 minimum dues per camper, but please give more if you can afford it. 


Vital Links


Need wiki access? Mail hh@thehammockhangout.com


2014 Budget  (See what we need/want for the camp and make suggestions.)

2014 Attendance (Make sure you are on the list!)

2014 Layout 

2014 Preparation Stuff 

What to Bring (Besides what is in the Survival Guide, here are some things you can bring for the camp.)

Time Line (What to do when.)




Camp Size and Layout

For 2014, Dutchy registered Hammock Hangout as a mapped Theme Camp, with 300' requested on both sides of the street.


The parachute tent Hangout uses about half of that space. The rest should be roughly organized for easy management of any camp-communal spaces (kitchen? shower? private chill-dome?).


Check out 2014 Layout for more details.


Budget and Dues


Donations to Hammock Hangout are always welcome, and determine how much magic we can can create for Burning Man.


Donate here:  http://thehammockhangout.com/#donate





Past Years





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